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History About Family

Istanbul Rug is a fourth-generation family business passed down from father to son. The family intends to keep the tradition going!Esref being the third and Ogi the fourth, their family is growing with Esref’s 5th generation grandson.

Stop by one of their showrooms to say hi! You will meet one of the Tekers.

Istanbul Rug originated from East Anatolia of Turkey, Antep. He and his father have moved the business toward Istanbul and Cappadocia during the tourism boom in the 80’s. With many requests from the families’ personal friends/clients, they have moved the business to the United States and have not looked back! They have three stores in Marin, East Bay and Silicon Valley.


From the picture on the left is Ogi (fourth gen), Batu (fifth gen) & Esref (third gen). 

They are looking forward to meeting you.