Cleaning And Care

Care Of Rugs

Preserve the Beauty of Oriental Rugs. Our meticulous hand cleaning ensures thorough soil removal while minimizing risk. Individualized strategies and detailed treatments maintain the rug’s intrinsic qualities. Experience a healthier, long-lasting rug with our conservation cleaning approach. Trust us for reliable step-by-step cleaning tailored to your rug. Visit our website for expert care and preservation techniques.

Improper Cleanings

Improper cleaning is a leading cause of damage to Oriental rugs. The danger presented by most commercial companies is due to the harshness of over the counter cleaning formulations, hot water, mechanical brushing, inadequate cleaning & incomplete rinsing.


Flower pots, pet dishes and patio doors are the worst cause of rot. Water staining is caused, not by the water itself, but by material dissolved in and transported by it. Wool silk and cotton react with many substances. These may, in effect, dye the material & resist being removed. Flooding brings tannins, iron & dyeing substances into the rug from floors, roofs, furnishing etc. When the rug is wet more than a week, mold fungi can grow & weaken the rug, both bacteria & fungi may irreversibly damage a rug.


All wavelength of light contribute energy that accelerate chemical reactions in dyes. The strongest reactions occur with light near the blue & ultraviolet end of the spectrum. In time with exposure to light natural fibers become brittle & breakdown. Dyes fade Sunlight provides a large amount of UV light & windows should be filtered to eliminate it. Fluorescent lights also radiate UV in great amounts & should be filtered if used. Modern conditions of lighting are one of the worst hazards to natural fibers.

In An Emergency

Expert Oriental Rug Cleaning Techniques. Remove stains effectively with our proven method. Absorb liquid, remove solid matter, and avoid rubbing. Rinse with water or use a gentle washing solution. We specialize in preserving colors and preventing color run. Call our professional conservators for stubborn stains. Offering repair, restoration, and cleaning services. Visit our website for expert advice and guidance tailored to your specific rug.

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