Repair & Restoration

Repair & Restoration

Oriental Rugs

The repair and restoration of Oriental rugs – both ancient and mordern – are done by our long experienced and unmatched expertise. Typical damage to rugs are from aging, accident or wear. Most repair jobs are completed within two weeks. (rebinding selvage, ends and securing small holes) and our experts will match Yarns, colors, techniques and custom dyeing when necessary.

Antique Rugs

Reweaving and restoration for antique rugs with large holes, lost pile or server damage can all be restored. Because of the skill and time required for such jobs, we prefer to have this work done in Turkey. Restoration projects typically require at least seven months.

Non-Standardized Production

Due to non-standardized production of mordern rugs, we continually find new situations and materials that call for new approaches and unique solutions restoration.

Repair and Restoration services offered:

Hand Repairs


Color Work

Machine Repairs

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