There are traditional ways of decorating your home interiors and there are creative options too. Magic happens when you combine both, Modern contemporary rugs.

Using abstract rugs for interior decoration
When you want a peaceful and serene setting in your home, interior designing experts strive to achieve it by combining various home décor elements. Some prefer using diverse styles to create a wonderful look for your interiors. Others focus more on the color and placement of innovative decorative items to create the interiors that spell positivity and hope.

Modern contemporary rugs are finding favor among today’s decorators. These rugs come in a range of patterns, designs, colors, shapes, and sizes so you can be sure of finding the kind of rugs you are looking for. Contemporary rugs are characterized by contrasting designs and use abstract styles and designs liberally.

Designers are turning to contemporary rugs and carpets as it helps them unify diverse design elements and create a well-curated feel for any type of home. That sense of peace and harmony in a home can only come from combining diverse designing elements and contemporary carpets to help designers achieve that look rather effortlessly.

Contemporary rugs are in great demand as they have become a core element of interior designing in today’s world. Designing with carpets and rugs is the in-thing today in interior designing of modern homes. Designers are also seeking inspiration from mid-century modern rugs. The vibrant and striking designs of these rugs help them achieve that unique and fresh look for homes.

It is tough to find authentic antique Oriental rugs and carpets easily unless you have an expert to guide you or know the right places to shop for them. That’s why it is a smart move to shop for modern contemporary rugs. They can be used in almost all types of settings and in many ways. All you have to do is shop for the right type of rugs and carpets and let your imagination fly.

Here are a few ideas for using modern rugs for designing your interiors:

Nature-Inspired Style
Contemporary carpets and rugs with designs that are inspired by nature are in vogue and preferred by modern homeowners. In fact, nature is a favorite theme and is being used in various types and forms of home designing since long as they provide the ideal foundation on which other elements of home designing can be built.

Nordic Designs
Scandinavian designs are known for their simplicity, functionality, and minimalism. Carpets and rugs with Nordic designs are popular among modern designers and homeowners because it signifies the philosophy of simple living. It creates a fine sense of comfort and coziness within a home. If you want to focus on an interior designing theme, that’s synonymous with harmony and nature, go for modern contemporary rugs with Nordic designs. Choose carpets and rugs with rustic design elements that can blend effortlessly with other designing elements in your home.

Unconventional Designs
It is not necessary to stick to the tried and tested ways of interior designing with rugs and carpets. You can go offbeat too by taking an unconventional approach. The best way to achieve this is to go for Bohemian and Eclectic designs. These designs use designs that reflect nature and also have a nice combination of colors and textures. Bohemian style interior designing makes use of layered rugs right through space marked for designing which creates a striking effect. You have the freedom on picking multiple rugs of your favorite designs and patterns and create a wonderful layer that can create a truly unique look for your rooms.

Futuristic Designs And Styles
With modern homes adapting newer and more innovative interior designing styles, it is important to choose carpets and rugs that can add more impact to your home designing. Contemporary rugs are used by designers to unstiffen the look of modern furniture and streamlined designing patterns. Rugs and carpets can also be used to add color and texture to interior designing. If your home has ultramodern designing elements, you can either soften them or complement them with contemporary carpets and rugs chosen carefully to add that extra edge of creativity to your interiors.

Modern And Retro Styles

If your home has modern furniture pieces inspired by mid-century designs, then your interiors need retro-style rugs. Vintage rugs and carpets can help create a nice mix of the traditional and contemporary – a trending designing style of our times.

Using modern contemporary rug to create modern retro interior

The good thing about this style of interior designing is that you get the freedom to mix and match and come up with something unique and highly creative. You can create a cohesive look by choosing a carpet that ties up all the designing factors in the room or choose a look that allows every element to stand apart by using a rug with serene designs that settle quietly in the background.

Many modern rugs and carpets provide the same effect in terms of long pile and softness of vintage original rugs.  You can get them custom-made to add elements that can reflect your style and design preferences. That’s why contemporary rugs are in such demand among today’s homeowners. These rugs and carpets provide a high level of flexibility and can make your home become a model design that can inspire others.

The popularity of contemporary rugs seems to be on a perennial upward trend as designers and homeowners keep looking for creative ways of making the home interiors look better than ever before. We have discussed the various ways of decorating your home interiors. However, there are a few things you should be cautious about while choosing the rugs and carpets for various areas of your home.

It is easy to find a new range of collections as contemporary rugs and carpets are designed and developed continuously to meet the growing demand for the latest interior designing trends. However, the choice of contemporary rugs and carpets must be made with care by taking into account many factors such as the impact it will have on the room, its interaction with other furnishings, the cost factor, and so on.

Choosing The Right Color:

Color is one of the critical elements of any interior designing project. It is a proven fact that there is a connection between our mood and the colors around us. Designer rugs with the right mix of colors can create a positive impact in your room. Whether you choose bright, bold colors or sober shades will depend on your preferences and the colors of other furnishings in the room. Even neutral rugs and carpets can create quite a dramatic effect when placed creatively. Some expert tips:

If your room is already splish-splash with colors desist from adding another shade. Focus on the existing hues instead and use carpets and rugs that complement these colors. Experiment with a lighter or darker shade to infuse a unique view.

What else should you take into account while choosing contemporary carpets and rugs?

The Light In The Room:

If your room does not attract a good amount of natural light, it makes sense to use rugs and carpets that are paler in color. It can transform the room and create a feeling of openness and a larger space. On the other hand, if the room has an abundance of natural light, then it is a smart move to use rugs of darker shades to create some dramatic effects.

The Floor Color:

It is important to take into account the color of the flooring of the room before selecting the right carpet. There is a debate on whether to go for complementing or contrasting shades. Both approaches work well if the contemporary carpet or rug chosen has some matching design elements. Many experts are of the opinion that wood color works best on any kind of flooring. You can go for natural wood-colored rugs or ones with similar tones such as walnut or oak.  If your floor color has shades of grey or blue, carpets with warmer tones will create a better effect.

The Desired Effect And Finish

Homeowners and designers use rugs and carpets to create a unique impact and give an enhanced look to the room. The end result will obviously vary according to individual tastes and desires. What is your purpose for using contemporary carpets and rugs? Do you want to create a different kind of mood in the room? Do you want designing to help you connect with the rich ancient culture? Or do you simply want to make a statement?

Regardless of the purpose for which you are planning the use of carpets and rugs, the choice must match the intent. If you want to create a cozy and intimate setting, a dark color rug with rich patterns can do the trick. Want a more energized environment in the room? Choose some bright colored rugs to make your wish come true. A soothing and calming setting can be achieved by using rugs with pale neutral colors. Designers recommend such rugs primarily for bedrooms and study rooms.

Choosing Contemporary Rugs Of The Right Design:

Leading interior designers believe that rugs and carpets are the perfect designing materials for the modern home because it can work at many levels and can satisfy almost all types of designing demands. However, not all homeowners are willing to try carpets as designing elements because they feel that it will overshadow everything else and become the dominating figure in the room.

The fear is highly misplaced because designers have successfully proved in several projects that carpets can actually work in perfect synchrony with other furnishings in any setting. You just have to make sure you choose the right ones for your home from the endless range of carpets and rugs available.

Do Not Combine Carpets Of The Same Scale

There are some basic thumb rules to be followed while choosing carpets and rugs for home interiors. The most important rule is to never combine two carpets of the same scale. This can create some confusion of sorts as one design can easily get lost in the other and the impact will be lost. The purpose of using carpets for designing will not be achieved.

Take Existing Designs And Patterns Into Account

You can repeat specific design types throughout the room if you like it. In fact, experts say no rule stops you from repeating designs provided it does not end up creating a jarring look. However, care should be taken to contrast contemporary rugs with patterns that do not get lost in the whole design. To make the picture clearer, a decorative design can be paired with a rug with clean patterns to make the whole design stand out.

Consider The Bigger Picture:

Your interiors may be expansive and could have either diverse decorative elements or a common theme running throughout. A well-chosen contemporary rug can still help in binding all those elements together and create a grand canvas of attractive designs that can inspire awe.

A designer rug can be the decisive factor in determining the overall character of a room. You can make it appear modern, joyful, serious, or sophisticated by your choice of carpets and rugs.

The type of room in which the rug is to be placed will be a deciding factor in the kind of rug design you want. Modern contemporary rugs, you can experiment with designs and colors in the living room, whereas there is limited scope for experimenting with creativity in a smaller area such as a bedroom or a study room.

As halls and living rooms will be hosting visitors most of the time, the contemporary rugs used here must have a bold pattern, vibrant colors, and an influential design. Rugs with patterns can look good in halls, while plain ones are better suited for low traffic areas.

Now that you know a great deal about contemporary rugs and how to use the right carpets and rugs in the right place, let’s go behind the scenes to gain some technical knowledge about these rugs.

Modern Rugs Weaving Techniques:

While rug weaving is an ancient art, and antique rugs are still in enormous demand from customers all over the world, there is a growing interest in contemporary carpets and rugs. Contrary to popular thinking, modern rugs are not cheap imitations of ancient antique rugs. Of course, modern contemporary rugs such a category of rugs exists and are available on the market. Modern rugs are created by today’s artisans using present-day techniques combined with knowledge gained from the rug-making techniques of yesteryears.

Modern rug weaving techniques

When you research the market for contemporary rugs, you will come across many varieties such as:

  • High/Low pile rugs
  • Cut and loop rugs
  • Rugs created using varying rod heights

High/low pile rugs are created using a combination of high piles and low piles, with the rugs having multiple levels of thickness. This helps weavers create a three-dimensional design. These rugs are designed using multiple materials and have great texture and appearance.

Cut and Loop rugs, on the other hand, are created using loops and cuts to craft a number of piles of the same size. In some rugs, the loops are not cut, which creates a unique texture. These rugs stand apart because of their geometric and abstract patterns. Cut and loop rugs were a rage in the 70s and 80s but went out of style. They are becoming popular again among designers who prefer using geometric patterns to create stunning interiors.

Rugs Created Using Rod Of Different Sizes

In the hand-weaving method of rug making, the artisans use a rod to ensure consistency in pile heights. Modern artisans achieve a variety of designs by varying the size of the rod. It helps them create innovative designs that can be the ideal fit for modern homes.

Modern rug weaving techniques are useful as they can help create more diverse and unique designs at a faster pace. Weavers can create bolder patterns and attractive textures to generate more demand for contemporary rugs and carpets.

Where To Find Your Perfect Contemporary Rug:

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