Why Rugs Are Making a Comeback Into Home Decoration Plans

Why Rugs Are Making a Comeback Into Home Decoration Plans

Why Rugs Are Making a Comeback Into Home Decoration Plans

Why rugs are making a comeback into home decoration plans? Carpets and rugs were always looked upon as premium decorative elements and a pleasant way of transforming homes. The introduction of various types of synthetic decorative pieces made some homeowners take carpets and rugs off their list of priorities. However, these fine pieces are finding favor yet again as decorators and homeowners look for things that can not only add beauty but also a fine sense of grandeur to their interiors.

Carpets and rugs, when used smartly and effectively, can transform any setting. They can change the look and mood of a room, and also bring in some practical benefits such as easy maintenance, shutting out unwanted sounds, and so on.

Why Rugs Must Be Part of Your Designing Plans

Unlike in the past, homes don’t come carpeted, and that’s why when you buy a new home, you must also plan for buying the right carpets and rugs for various rooms. Here are some key reasons you must use rugs for your home. The best rug store in San Francisco has everything you need to make your home look great.

Before you start looking for rugs for your home, it’s important to know that you can use rugs based on your budget. If you have a fairly decent budget, you can easily innovate and experiment with the best rugs and carpets. If you don’t have a very large budget for the project, you can simply use rugs in the most visible areas of your home.

Here are some key reasons you must have rugs and carpets as decorative and utility elements in your place.

Make Your Drab Room Come To Life

Contemporary homes use dark hardwood and laminate floorings. They are easy to install and maintain, but they can make your rooms look dark. Rugs and carpets in a lighter shade can create a sense of openness and space. Off-white carpets can make a drab room spring to life with their ability to light up spaces. The same holds for rooms with walls and furniture that are dark in color. Rugs from the leading rug store in East Bay, California can help such rooms look bright and positive.

One of the biggest benefits of using rugs and carpets is that they can be moved around to different rooms when you feel like tweaking around with your interior décor. What’s more, you can even take them along when you are moving.

Experiment with Color Themes

Carpets and rugs can be used to instantly create a luxurious and soft surface. They can transform the look of a room dramatically. You can use carpets to create different areas in the same room or build a unique theme, or make stunning patterns and designs by applying your creative ideas.

Carpets offer a great way of experimenting with looks. Use a different rug to change the look on your flooring. You can either go for matching or contrasting designs and shades to create a brand new look. Many designers use rugs after the home furniture is in place to create impressive color themes. The color scheme of your room can be quickly changed by using the right rugs from the top rug store in San Francisco.

Develop Delightful Decors

Some homeowners and designers use rugs and carpets to improve the décor of their homes. This is a creative move as rugs are available in a wide range of colors and styles, allowing users to experiment with the interior design of their homes. You can try bright and bold colors to make a style statement. A dark rug on a light floor can create a magical contrast.

Then there are modern rugs with graphic designs that can transform the look of a room dramatically. An ancient rug can create a regal feel. The addition of other designing elements such as matching curtains and home textiles can help in completing the transformation.

Give a Fitting Welcome to Visitors

There are some spaces in your home that pose a major styling challenge when it comes to using rugs. That’s the place between the outdoor and the home – call it the entrance hall or the foyer. The challenge is to balance the natural look of the exterior and the interior styling of your home and blend them tastefully.

To solve this problem, you can use entryway rugs, designed specifically for use in such places. A welcome mat can be placed at the entrance to ensure that guests wipe their shoes/feet before stepping in on the rug and thus avoid staining it with dirt and mud. Look up at the amazing collection of rugs and carpets online at the premier rug store in San Francisco to find what you are looking for.

Boost the Safety Factor

Bothered about that little toddler of yours falling frequently while attempting to take those first baby steps? A rug can be the perfect solution to cushion the fall and protect the young one from getting hurt. Rugs can be a great option for cushioning our footsteps and minimizing the instances of slips and falls. While it can take care of toddlers, it is also useful in keeping the elders safe by preventing slipping hazards.

Put a Smart Cover Over Imperfections

Cracked tiles? Chipped and dull flooring? Rugs can provide the perfect solution. It is the simplest and most effective way of hiding unsightly cracks, discoloration, and stains. The best part is you need not hire a professional to do the job. Simply order a rug or carpet that blends in with the rest of your décor and furniture and fix it yourself. No special skills are necessary to do that. All you have to do is get a rug of the right size, type, and shade and place it over the affected area and your floor will look fresh and new again. You can find just the kind of rugs you need at the popular rug store in East Bay.

Add More Brilliance to Your Designing Skills

If you think rugs can be used as an afterthought to give a brilliant finishing touch to a room, you are probably right. However, rugs need not be a designing element brought in to make the room up after everything else is done and dusted. It can be considered a piece of interior designing, even at the planning stage.

Rugs can act as an additional visual layer and can be used to transform a room from dull and cold to warm and colorful. It can bring life to a room effortlessly. As rugs are available in various shades, patterns, sizes, and colors, you can let your imagination fly wild to come up with combinations that can be surefire eye-catchers.

Make Cleaning Easy and Effortless

A messed-up floor can be difficult to clean as you have to bring in the broom, the dustpan, the mop, and other things to set things right. Cleaning rug flooring is so easy. All your need is a powerful and trusted vacuum cleaner to remove any kind of spills and stains without putting in a lot of effort. Regular cleaning using a vacuum cleaner, even when there are no apparent signs of dirt and grime, can help you in keeping the rugs and carpets in fine shape at all times. Depending on the size of the rug and weather permitting, you can even hang them outside and beat the dust out.

Shield Your Expensive Flooring

Do you have hardwood flooring? They are much coveted and an expensive investment. If the flooring is in a high-traffic area, it makes sense to protect them. A hardwood floor can develop marks and scratches in places where furniture items are kept such as tables, cupboards, and chairs. A well-placed rug can help protect your precious flooring. Smaller rugs in square or rectangular shapes ordered from the top-rated rug store in San Francisco can be used as floor covers in a seating area. If you have wooden flooring over a larger area, you must go for larger rugs.

Up The Luxury Factor

Have a pretty decent budget to splurge on rugs and carpets? You can consider buying layering rugs. Layering and pattern rugs are a rage in the industry and are in high demand among buyers of premium carpets and rugs. They provide an effective and fun way of making your interiors look trendy and attractive. These rugs can be installed on any type of flooring including carpets. The wide range of choices allows you to experiment with contrasting designs, stunning patterns, and a riot of colors.

Create a Sense of Serenity

Don’t like too much sound within your home or office? Rugs can do a wonderful job of controlling sound. A thick rug pad can muffle unwanted sounds and ensure a peaceful environment around you.

Open areas and large spaces can create high noise levels, especially if you have hardwood floors or tiles. A rug can act as a sound absorption device and can create a quiet atmosphere within the room.

Stay Grounded on Terra Firm

Do you feel an acute sense of convenience when your feet touch those plush and thick rugs? There is a feeling of being grounded with rugs around. That’s because rugs can create some stability by helping anchor the furniture pieces. They help create the feeling of a cozy and intimate space that delivers a sense of security which is important for every human. Experts are of the opinion that a rug creates a ring of energy within the room by slowing down its flow. That helps create a sense of serenity and calm.

Create Brilliant Floor Artwork

Modern rugs look like intricate works of art and look like fine creations of painting. An imaginative artist can use his or her creativity to use the rug as a canvas for their inspired brushstrokes. The prints, stripes, patches, designs, and colors combine to create a stunning canvas of artwork that can grab attention. When used creatively in your home, it can enhance the look of almost everything around it. It helps in bringing elements of graphics and colors to the room.

Instill a Feeling of Warmth and Comfort

Rugs and carpets create a sense of warmth and comfort in any setting – residential or commercial. Add a rug next to your bed and you can have instant access to softness and a smooth landing for your legs first thing in the morning. Place it in the waiting area of your office and it will make your visitors feel at home. In basements where the floorings can be extremely cold and uncomfortable to walk on, rugs from the most reliable rug store in East Bay can offer some excellent and much-needed insulating value.

Reveal Your Stylish Side

Want your home to look modern, stylish, and in sync with today’s style trends? Bring home a few pieces of carpets and rugs and create a dazzling look for your home interiors. Rugs offer a simple and proven way of enhancing the appearance of any setting as they offer practical and functional designing solutions. A well-chosen rug can elevate mood and help develop a character for any room.

Just remember to follow the rule of the thumb while buying rugs. The design must be in line with the other elements in the room to create a sense of balance. For furniture pieces that are neutral colored, a bold and colorful rug will work fine.


There you have now seen it all. The advantages of using rugs and carpets are endless. There are many benefits of using rugs and carpets to spruce up your flooring and rooms but make sure you make the right choices. When done right, rugs can be an excellent interior decoration tool as they are versatile and offer a high level of flexibility.

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