About Company

Istanbul Rugs

Over the years, Istanbul Rug has gained a reputation as San Francisco’s finest rug distributor. Whether you are purchasing an Oriental, Modern or French design rug as an investment or for enjoyment; it is important that you are familiar with the different designs and materials used in construction and weaving. Its success has been established from working with clients and designers from all over the world and forming long lasting relationships backed by the highest quality of handmade rugs and customer service. Recently moving from San Francisco, Istanbul Rug’s showroom is now located across the Bay Bridge in a new location in Berkeley.

Antique Rug Collection

Exquisite 19th & Early 20th Century Handmade Rugs Istanbul Rug is one of the largest and most trusted rug designer, manufacturer and distributor in San Francisco. Our knowledgeable and experienced design staff are pleased to help educate and inform you on selecting the right decorative handwoven area rug for your design setting. Carpet and textile can be two of the most important elements in our homes as our existence is immersed within them, allowing them to influence how we feel both emotionally and physically.

Carpets With Soul

Istanbul Rug was established based on the core expectation of going beyond the conventional carpet or rug shop. We strive to create a memorable experience every time you visit our showroom. At Istanbul Rug we understand that the success of every single project depends on a solid partnerships between designer, architect and Istanbul Rug. Our design team creates timeless style paired with optimum functionality with an emphasis on innovative design, texture and color.

Handcrafted Works Of Art

Our handcrafted rugs are meticulously woven with premium materials to ensure lifetime durability, a high resale value and trade-in-ability.  Our rugs have the aesthetic features to be the center piece of any design environment while also enhancing and organizing the room and furniture within it.  The sheer quality and lasting beauty of each piece will allow you to pass down your rug for generations, allowing it to become your family’s next heirloom or a valuable collector’s piece.

Construction And Design

Only the world’s finest wool meet Istanbul Rug’s standard.  Sheep must be sheared at a certain age and season to ensure the highest quality of wool.  The long shoulder wool from high altitude sheep give the rug excellent strength, stain resistance, luster, softness and durability found in all our rugs.  Once the wool is sheared, washed and spun; the strands are dyed.


The weaving of a rug is a long and arduous task, each rug calls for weavers to tie thousands endless knots.  A standard eight by ten foot rug can consist of over 1 million hand tied knots.  The two primary types of knots used today are Persian (Iran) and Turkish knots (Pakistan, India, China, Afghanistan, Nepal and Tibet).